These Five Marys hand tanned sheep pelt is a beautiful and cozy addition to any room, chair, bed, wall, or floor creating a beautiful staple item for you and your home.
Our gorgeous Navajo Churro heritage sheep have such beautiful pelts, we can't help but turn into beautiful home goods. They are saved after harvesting (where they would otherwise go to landfill) and we work hard to tan them all-naturally to honor the animal and use all of the parts after harvesting that we can. Our custom made sheepskin pelts are of the finest craftsmanship. We sort and clean them here on the ranch, then they travel to Oregon for salting and all-naturally tanning by a skilled craftsman.

They are hard for us to part with but we love seeing photos of them in our customers' homes! These pelts are supple and soft suede on the back side and incredible long lambs wool on the other. Each has an M5 brand on the back.

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