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Brisket is a great cut for smoking, slow cooking, or a classic Texas-style BBQ experience! You cannot beat the 21-28 dry age on these! We offer sizes 2-6 pounds, however sometime have really really really huge briskets in stock weighing in at a jaw-dropping 10 pounds!

Weight for different sizes of Brisket are as follows: 

• Medium 2-3 lbs | $42

• Large 3-4 lbs | $52

• XL 4-5 lbs | $68

• Huge 5-6 lbs | $80

• Really Huge 6-7 lbs | $95



The cut shown in the photo is a Medium 2-3 lbs Flat Brisket

*Briskets are cut in "points" and "flat" - the top or bottom half. If you would like to request a certain cut, please include a note with your order! Requests will be accommodated as long as the cut is in stock, but if not the alternate cut will be sent!

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