M5 Meat Club

We only raise a limited amount of beef on the ranch along with pork and lamb, but we have added more animals to our program so that we can open up a few new spots for M5 Meat Club membership! By ordering a box now you are securing your subscription with priority to all of your favorite cuts. Your first box will ship the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after it is ordered.  

As prices of beef are expected to continue to rise in the next year and beyond, we expect our supply to sell out quickly and won't have any M5 Meat Club openings again until 2025! Members lock in your prices when you sign up! Meat Club is closed but we occasionally have openings come up. Email sarahk@fivemarys.com to inquire! 

What is Meat Club? A subscription membership by the BUNDLES to let you choose the cuts you want most! Always flexible to change - simply choose a "base box" of family, premium or ground beef cuts (boxes in orange) and/or ADD your bundles to your cart based on your choices in types of cuts and number of pounds of beef, pork and lamb cuts.

Change, add, swap, pause or cancel at anytime by logging in to "manage subscriptions" anytime! 


Email sarahk@fivemarys.com with any subscription questions